Saturday, 24 March 2018

Basic Guide to using the SmartCoder 247 Sweepstakes/office pools World Cup 2018 file


Guide to using the SmartCoder 247 Sweepstakes/Office Pools World Cup file to Create a Mini Office Predictions competition (20 slots max**)

Alternatively see the quick video guide here:

** Maximum slots available are 20 and can not be increased due to level of processing resources required to run this file. This file works best with Excel 2010. If you need more predictions slots, suggest you;
- use two or more Master files and merge summary elsewhere, 
- or alternatively use Office Pools spreadsheets created by other people (do a search on the internet),
- or use on-line world cup fantasy leagues created by major organisations (do a  search on the internet nearer the World Cup).

Actions Before the World Cup Starts: 

1. The Administrator Downloads the World Cup Russia 2018 Sweepstakes/Office pools Excel file (Option "A" Master File)

2. Within this file,  Go to Home> Predictions Menu> Points System ,  and modify predictions accuracy weights if needed (or just go with defaults):

3. If the Master file (A) can be shared/placed on local drives,  ask users to enter their 64 games predictions directly on blank prediction slots (see screen 1) before the World Cup starts.
If not possible to share Master file (A),  Download and Distribute the LITE Distribute file Option "B" to users and follow steps 3b below. 

    3a. Using Master file (A8) file to enter predictions Direct.
    3b. Using LITE file (B5) file to enter predictions.
        3b.1. Users complete their predictions for all 64 games using the LITE option B file and return just the "predictions serial" to Administrator.

            Example of prediction serial which needs to be returned to your Administrator here:

        3b.2. Administrator loads received predictions to Master file (A) using the load option within the Predictions sheet or via mass import/export sheet.
4. Once the Office/predictions group have completed their predictions and Admin has consolidated those predictions onto the Master file (A), Admin should send a copy of Master file to users to view groups predictions.

During the World Cup:
5.1. Once the World cup starts , the Admin needs to maintain and update Actual scores sheet of the Master file.          
5.2. Admin should provide regular updates/copies of Master file/actual scores serial to user group so they can check their standings using the multiple dashboard included in the master file.

6. Dashboards
The Master file contains a number of dashboards for users to compare their predictions and check their standings within the group.
Actual scores need to be entered manually onto the Master file (chart 1).
(Note: This file does not contain any links to Live score Internet feeds and this file will never ask for internet connection nor send information across the Internet for security reasons).

Example of dashboard  
Note: scores shown in these screen shots are "made up" (i.e. not actual scores) to demonstrate dashboards and graphics capability of file.

 (click on pictures to zoom in)




  1. I paid for the file a week ago and have not received the file yet. How do I receive the file?

    1. Can you please confirm which file version you brought and email us your PayPal Transaction receipt to, once we have checked our records we will re-email you the file

    2. We have checked our records from last week, which show we emailed all our customers. Our email may have gone into your email spam/junk mail folder - can you please check your spam/junk mail folder.

  2. This is an excellent support guide. Thank you. I'm excited to see how the office pool rolls out using your work. Cheers!

  3. hi, I bought the file 2 weeks ago and when I need to access to Chart 2 - Calendar and Chart 3 - Calendar, they ask for a password, what is the password?

    1. Chart 2 and 3 are view only posters (i.e they are effectively pictures). They have no code to calculate results. You need to enter actual scores on chart 1 (watch the YouTube videos to see how - ).
      You do NOT need a password to use the file for the purpose it was built. The file only works with the password on. If you need the password you are using the file wrongly (in violation of purchase terms) or you are trying to use the file beyond its parameters.
      The files are password protected to ensure users don't enter values in the wrong cell and end up breaking the formulas.
      Removing the password is in breach of the terms of purchase. We have made it in very clear on this site that we do not provide passwords for any Smartcoder247 file and do not sell Password licences to unlock nor do we provide access to the Smartcoder247 technology source code used within the Smartcoder247 files. The Smartcoder247 source code remains intellectual property and copyright of Smartcoder247.
      When you purchase any Smartcoder247 World Cup file, you purchase the file as is with licence to use the file locked only (like any other commercial software application). No requests for Smartcoder247 World Cup file passwords will be answered.