Friday, 30 March 2018

Option A: World Cup Russia 2018 Sweepstakes Excel Chart

Option A: Ultimate World Cup Russia 2018 Sweepstakes Microsoft Excel Chart!!
The Most Advanced  World Cup Russia 2018 Chart for Microsoft Excel 2010. Should also work on Excel 2007/2013/2016 (download the free demo to test on your system first). Will not work on excel 2003.

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For a quick demonstration of this 2018 Russia World Cup Template, see YouTube Video:

File Contains:

1. Printable and Interactive World Cup 2018 Russia Chart Template for you to fill in during the World Cup or just test out Scenarios and Predictions for your favourite teams! 
2. World Cup 2018 Stadium Calendar!

3. Contains 24 timezone times.

4. World Cup 2018 Tables Calendar!

5. Languages (35) : Afrikaans, Arabic (العربية), Bengali (বাঙ্গালী), Bulgarian (български), Chinese 中文 (Simplified), Chinese 中文 (Traditional), Croatia (Hrvatski), Czech (Čeština), Danish (Dansk), Dutch (Nederlands) , ENGLISH, French (Français), German (Deutsch), Greek (ελληνικά), Hebrew (עברית), Hindi (हिन्दी भाषा), Hungarian (Magyar), Indonesian, Icelandic, Italian (Italiano), Japanese (日本の), Korean (한국어), Malay, Norwegian (Norsk), Persian (فارسی), Poland (Polski), Portuguese, Romanian (Român), Russian (русский), Spanish (Español), Swedish (Svenska), Thai (ภาษาไทย), Turkish (Türkçe), Urdu (اردو), Vietnamese (Việt).

6. Contains Country Flags which move with the Team.

7. Option to highlight your favorite team.

8. Ability to add your own Translation, or change/swap team names with Peoples names.

9. Ability to Partially Customize Chart Titles/Name and Create your Own World Cup JPEG Posters!Create your own interesting Titles now!! – see Guide Here

10. Contains Office pools / Sweepstakes Predictions templates. Create your own mini competitions with your office workers / college friends using the 20* predictions slots! Template also contains partially modifiable point system allowing you to reset prediction accuracy weights /scores or use recommended values. To setup an office predictions tournament, either send out a copy of this file (or the LITE version) or ask players to download from this website for them to fill in their predictions (prior to start of the World Cup) and return their “predictions serial” (rather than the full file) to you, which you load into your office pools/sweepstakes master file. 

* Maximum slots available are 20 and can not be increased due to level of processing resources required to run this file. This file works best with Excel 2010. If you need more predictions slots, suggest you;
- use two or more Master files and merge summary elsewhere, 
- or alternatively use Office Pools spreadsheets created by other people (do a search on the internet),
- or use on-line world cup fantasy leagues created by major organisations (do a  search on the internet nearer the World Cup).


For Guide to making a payment via PayPal for Smartcoder247 World Cup files - go to end of page here


More screen shots shown in guide here or see video here


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